What is Cacao Winnower HIRATA103?

Product Outline

We’ve succeeded in developing the winnowing machine for Cacao in downsizing, low noise, and high separation efficiency!

This machine is used by professionals to separate shells and nibs from crushed cacao beans in the process of making “Bean to Bar chocolate”. Easy to use in small stores and factories. In Japan, Many “Bean to bar chocolate shops and patissiers use “Cacao Winnower HIRATA103” and That ability is highly regarded.

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Product Outline

High separation performance of separation efficiency 98%.

The ratio of the shell mixed with the separated nib, the nib mixed with the shell is less than 2%, and the separation efficiency is 98%. The processing capacity is 800g per once, 8kg to 10kg per hour.
*Depends on the speed at which beans are sent out
*Our experimental value.

Compact design

It can be installed if there is a space of 30cm in width, 20cm in depth and about 70cm in height.

Low noise

It has reduced noise that the efficient separation structure using a newly designed small fan compared to a typical ‘Winnower’ that uses a large motor.

Touch panel operation

It is possible to digitally control the feed speed of crushed cacao beans and the output of small fans and keep the balance of optimum separation accuracy and processing capacity.

Memory function

It can save 6 types of output patterns and select the optimal output with one touch.
E.g.) different types of beans, degree of roasting, etc.

Reliable support

Including three years of repair support.
Repairs and replacements are free of charge if a failure occurs under normal use conditions.


770,000 yen per vehicle (including tax)
The delivery time is 15 days after payment. Please confirm when you are ordering.


  • Size : H70 cm W 30 cm D 20 cm
  • Weight: 2.4 kg (excluding AC adapter)
  • Body and Cup: PLA resin
  • 24V 1A (up to 24W)
  • 3 years of repair support

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Company Information

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Ease Co., Ltd./ 1-27-8, Hongo, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
We’ll Co., Ltd./1-8-13-202 Minato, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.